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Aberdeen Summer School 2015

An international Summer School on Bio-Business & Biotechnology was held in Aberdeen (UK) on 24-28 August 2015

34 students and 10 teachers from the partner institutes of Biotech-Ma project participated in the international Summer School on Bio-Business & Biotechnology that took place at the University of Aberdeen on 24-28 August 2015.

Traditional lectures on medical and environmental biotechnology and pharmacology alternated with lectures on bio-business and management, reflecting the future integration of the academic and industrial components of the Master programme under development.

During the 5 days intensive programme, a number of external experts was also invited to talk about their personal working experience and to present successful and innovative case studies in the British biotech industry.

All the students were involved in interactive group exercises that allowed them to face real-life situations and to meet and work with colleagues from five different European countries.

A second Summer School was organised in July 2016 in Bologna.