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Activities - Events

A number of activities were carried out during the project with a view to offer biotech students a new European degree that includes both traditional scientific competences and entrepreneurial skills and thus make them more competitive in the international business arena

Elaboration of a draft curriculum

The Consortium analysed the different 2nd cycle degree programmes available at the partner institutes and, based on the data collected, it prepared a first draft of the new international degree

Elaboration of the final curriculum

Taking into account the results of the survey, as well as the academic regulations in place at the universities involved, the Consortium is preparing a final multiple curriculum, including:

  • The cultural and professional profile that the programme intends to create
  • The learning outcomes and the competences to be acquired by students
  • The internship plan
  • The possible employability paths


Six Consortium meetings have taken place during the project in Bologna, Turin, Aberdeen, Pau and Pécs, to favour face-to-face exchanges and to enhance the cooperation between the partners

International Conferences

Out of the pure research comfort zone, Torino 2016
An international conference was organised within the Biotech-Ma project on 19 April 2016 at the Molecular Biotechnology Center of the University of Turin: "Out of the 'pure' research comfort zone: from specific company needs to shared multi-national solutions". The purpose was to present the data collected through the stakeholders’ survey and the draft curriculum being developed within the project, with a view to finding solutions to today's market mismatch
Creativity & Innovation for New Job Opportunities, Bologna 2017
The final conference of the Biotech-Ma project took place in Bologna on 25 May 2017, with two main objectives: 1) Presenting the joint Master degree developed within the project to academic, non-academic and industrial organizations; 2) Investigating the importance of competences such as creativity and innovation in today’s biotechnology and how they can be constantly developed through education
AFEM Conference, Anglet, France, 2015
In November 2015 one representative of the Biotech-Ma project was invited to present the draft curriculum being developed by the Consortium at the "VII colloque de l'Association Francophone d'Ecologie Microbienne" (AFEM) an annual international convention of microbiologists, aimed at facilitating the exchange of ideas, tools, approaches and results, with a special focus on francophone countries.
UIIN Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2016
In June 2016, the project was selected to give a presentation at the University-Industry Interaction Conference (UIIN)

Summer Schools

Aberdeen Summer School 2015
An international Summer School on Bio-Business & Biotechnology was held in Aberdeen (UK), on 24-28 August 2015. The 5-day course provided the students of the partner universities with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with a selected number of professors and industrial experts, who shared their experience and outlined a reliable picture of today's market
Bologna Summer School 2016
A 2nd international Summer School on "Innovation and Technology Management in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology" was held in Bologna on 4-8 July 2016. Another multidisciplinary and network building moment between students, teachers and biotech companies, to discuss the technological, regulatory and ethical aspects that cannot be ignored when developing biotechnological product

The Survey

Survey to non-academic stakeholders
Which professional profiles are more interesting to the companies? What competences should be developed by the new Master programme?