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Creativity & Innovation for New Job Opportunities

Foto di Maria Montalbò

An international Conference took place on

Thursday 25 May 2017 at 11.00 am

in the Aula Magna of DIBINEM

(Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences)

Via Ugo Foscolo 7, 40123 Bologna


The Conference focused on two main objectives:

1) to formally communicate the final version of the joint Master degree to students and professionals from the academic and the industrial biotechnology fields;

2) to understand the role of transversal competences, such as creativity and innovation, in today’s biotechnology, not only in the field of scientific research, but also as tools to find and create new job opportunities.

Among several selected experts, three startups were invited to present their stories as good examples of how innovation and creativity can take to the actual creation of a new business. The afternoon session particularly focused on discussing how these competences can be developed and integrated into higher education, to make students more competitive and employable at European and international level. Invited experts from both the academic and the industrial sectors shared their experience and their point of view on the above topics, with a view to stimulating a fruitful discussion and giving the attendees the possibility to make new useful connections.





Cenacchi - Biotech-Ma international joint degree

Fucci - The Biotech sector: scientific innovation & job creativity

Cipriani - Patient-driven innovation: how “Make to Care” was born

Conicella - “Cre-innovation”: creativity-innovation relation in (life) sciences

Gazzola - CellDynamics iS.r.l.

Reschiglian - Celector® the invention of cytomatography

Onofri - Startup Day

Luppi - Teaching and learning creativity & innovation: promoting transversal competences in higher and adult education

Ortega - The Stairway to Creative Thinking

Monesi - Silicon Valley –Emilia Romagna: building a bridge for our ecosystem

Porter - Employability: making placements work for both students and companies